Rainmaker - "a shaman who brings the rain, miracles, fortitude, prosperity, etc. etc. for a community.", or simply put.... "someone who generates visibility, revenue and/or respect to an organization or company simply due to reputation and natural skill." They sound magical, don't they?

Rainmakers Are Hard to Come By

But you generate what I call the "Rainmaker Effect" in the most astronomical way: collective team building and communication. That's the key to producing the kind of revenue in real estate that you can only dream of, and it's the open door to social media marketing through Online Income Seminars, my insider's look for those invested in the secrets of affiliate commissions and lead generation for the real estate industry. So here's a little secret for you -- I know how to get that "Rainmaker Effect" going, how you can transfigure an entire team to become nothing but "rainmakers" designed to boost your income and production nationwide.

It's all about lead generation, and it shows in the credentials I bring to the table:

Joe Delfgauw's Trade Secrets on Revenue Generation for the Everyday Real Estate Agent

One thing you have to understand about success as a real estate agent or broker: it's not just about getting the buyers, getting them interested, and having the best properties of the market on your list, although that's a necessary aspect. You have to have a method for lead generation, utilizing social media and affiliate earnings, producing that growth and collaboration not only hyper-locally, but nationwide!

So I'll say quickly that I, in fact, was a real estate broker back in the day with some good success, albeit not the level of success I was satisfied with. You know why? I never tapped into social media marketing and an affiliate network to generate any leads!

Going the online route gave me something priceless: creative control. I was able to break into numerous other industries associated with real estate -- credit repair, identity theft protection, employment. The sky soon became beyond a limit as I opened up numerous call centers and earned the Internet Marketer award for three straight years -- 2012, 2013 and 2014. At this moment, my call centers earn six figures weekly, plus I'm one of 91 professionals in the world with a direct contact to Facebook's marketing division along with a $500K credit line. My business is projected to generate up to $10MM in revenue this year alone; and next year looks to bring in closer to $25MM.... So without a doubt, social media plays an integral role in the real estate business, and that's why I'm interested in showing you why and how to recruit agents for your network, harness a team mentality and bolster your commissions in ways you never thought possible.

Would You Like More Information About How You Can Make Your Real Estate Business a Success?

Simply contact my assistant Erica Gregory at 616-329-7770 to set up a lunch-and-learn. You're welcome to review these links to additional resources designed to continually maximize earnings and learn how they all operate together seamlessly:

  • My KW Site -- You can obtain access to my contact information and specifics about my credentials in the real estate business right here.
  • Online Income Seminars -- As the main site for information on upcoming seminars designed to teach you the tricks and the trade of social media marketing and revenue generation, you can expect only the best right here.
  • Nationwide Property Values -- I utilize this site to generate new leads nationwide, supporting communication between realtors, buyers and sellers through collaboration and communication. Check it out right here.

Remember, folks: this is all about you. What you're capable of. And I say you're very capable. Get in touch with me just to see how much. Thanks.